Introduction into ARM-JTAG Debugging with Wiggler-(or Wiggler-Clone)-Interface, ocdremote and gdb/Insight-gdb

There have been a lot of questions about using Wiggler-type JTAG-adaptors with LPC2000 ARM controllers. I hope this guide will at least help with the first steps. The Olimex ARMJTAG ("Wiggler-clone") has been used but there are other schematics available in the internet which are simpler and seem to work more reliable. See the LPC-yahoo-groups file-archive for schematics.

The tests for this guide have been done on a MS-Windows-System. But ocdremote is available for Linux too.

Update 10/2006 - The text is rather old now but should be still valid. But an open-source alternative to Macraigor's ocdremote is now available which has more functions and works better: Dominik Rath's OpenOCD.

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